I take dolls very seriously. I started making paper dolls from magazine cut-outs and scraps of fabric as a child. Using these same materials as an adult, my work reimagines the definition of what a doll is. As marionettes, paintings, or collages, these female figures sit waiting for something to happen to them.The passive female figure is an enduring theme from old master paintings to fashion magazines to vintage pin-ups.
    My work reinterprets the damsel in distress of western art history, putting her in conversation with classical iconography in surreal settings. It’s as if she has woken up. Instead of being woeful over her fateful demise, she is self-aware — woeful of the very stereotypes that have placed her here. My heroines find themselves surrounded by male iconography, much like a woman walking down a busy street. They bear the weight of their archetypes.
    My works place these women in an environment that is dream-like, not quite a physical space so much as, perhaps, a memory. Sometimes you remember the object you were holding or who you were with. More often than not, you remember only the sensation . A waking dream for the self-aware stereotype.
    I work on translucent vellum, painting, collaging and sewing from both front and back to create layers with a distorted sense of depth, reminiscent of skewed perspective from the medieval period. A visual hierarchy emerges that subverts traditional power structures. Rather than a scene the viewer might step into, these landscapes feel more like a reverie, replete with all the non-linearity of a sleepy-eyed subconscious.
    Through collage, I juxtapose classical symbols and quotidian commercial imagery, challenging culturally inherited assumptions about femininity. The disharmony between these two extremes allows me to critically explore and decode their meanings & create a cipher of personal iconography.
    Sewing and embroidery, which I first learned from my mother, has historically been women's work passed down through generations. I have expanded my craft amid costuming culture in New Orleans, specifically learning from the work of a Mardi Gras Indian chief, and now employ these materials as a visually stark departure from my collage and painting, an art form dominated by men throughout western art. I engage these mediums to complicate gender dynamics of not only theme, but process. Thereby, replacing the passive with the conscious.

  • CV


    Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School, Graduated June 2010.
    Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA Print, Graduated May 2014.


    2018 P.4 "Ritual Ritual", Porter Lyons, New Orleans, LA
    2017 Nasty Women Show, Angela King Gallery, New Orleans MA
    2016 L’Enfer & Paradis French Cultural Center, Boston, MA
    2015 Bacardi Semi Finalist, Le Mieux Gallery, New Orleans, LA
    2015 Kustom Kulture Forever, Zeche Ewald, Herten, Germany
    2015 Artisan Juncture, Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA
    2014 Swell, Grin Gallery, Providence, RI
    2014 Faux Punx, West Street Gallery, Hadley MA
    2014 Art for Your Feet Exhibit, Boston Children’s Museum, Boston, MA
    2014 Senior Thesis Exhibition, Bakalar Gallery, Boston, MA
    2014 Massart 25th Anniversary Auction, Bakalar & Paine Galleries, Boston, MA
    2014 Do Not Climb On Walls Exhibit, Student Life Gallery, Boston, MA
    2014 Love Your Body Exhibition, Student Life Gallery, Boston, MA
    2013 Walking While Woman, Student Life Gallery, Boston, MA
    2013 Draw Down, Crackertorium Gallery, Massart, Boston MA
    2013 Boston Printmakers Arches Student Show, 808 Gallery, Boston MA
    2012 How We See, Student Life Gallery, Boston, MA 2013


    New Orleans Glassworks & Printshop
    Printmaking Instructor 2015-2016
    Leading workshops, & demos
    Instructing 6 week long courses in silkscreen,
    etching, and relief printing

    ART+DESIGN Magazine, New Orleans, LA
    Head of Social Media/ Junior graphic designer & contributing writer,
    August 2014- October 2015
    Design layout, Social Media, Researching and writing contributing articles

    Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA
    Gallery attendant and seller July 2014-present
    Curatorial work & Selling artwork
    Mix it Print Studio, Cambridge, MA

    Printmaking Assistant, 2013
    Assisted Printing & Shop Maintenance
    Graphic Design/ Curatorial Work

    Assistant for Artist, Jane Goldfield, Cambridge Ma
    Artist’s Assistant to Co-founder, Jane Goldman,
    March-August 2013
    Assisted Printing, shop and studio maintenance,
    Running errands, Setting appointments.
    Installation & framing work with shows and open houses
    Graphic Design work for email listings and events

    Evil Prints, St. Louis, MO
    Woodcut intensive with Tom Huck, Summer 2013
    Sketchbook approaches & carving techniques
    Printing Techniques

    Boston University Print shop, Boston, MA
    Printmaking Workshop with, Ibriham Miranda
    Printing onto Fabric
    Multicolor Registration

    Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston, MA
    Master Print Series with Liliana Porter, Spring 2013
    Shop hands
    Cutting and framing
    Sewing into prints and editioning 6 prints

    Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston, MA
    Master Print Series with Winfred Rembert, 2014
    Woodcarving blocks